Boys getting spanked. Do you find it arousing to watch?

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s no secret there’s a subset of gay men who enjoy spanking other men, or who enjoy getting spanked. And I have to admit, I found it arousing when I spanked certain young men living with me when they misbehaved. I think it did them some good, and a couple of boys became aroused during the punishment process. H-m-m-m ….

Anyway, I’m not sure what that instrument is the boy to the left is holding, but I think it’s going to make his bubble butt sting. Oh well, he should have behaved better. 😉

I was up till the wee hours last night, enjoying a bottle of white wine and the ambiance of my back screened porch. It was beautiful here, about 70 degrees and dry.

Of course, my late night hours caused me to sleep until eleven this morning, but that’s okay. I have very little to do today, as I got everything done yesterday. It’s a pretty day, here on the island, and I plan to take a three-mile walk for some exercise. I’ll do my balance exercises too. And maybe I’ll do a bit of yard work, but nothing major. Just using my leaf blower on my patio and watering patio plants.

I am not sure what I will do with my Saturday night, hopefully have a drink with my friend and neighbor, and maybe watch another Netflix movie. Have a nice Saturday, everyone. Oh, and if you like seeing a cute young man endure a naked and intense spanking, you will definitely like this video from PornHub: