Another sexy guy with long hair; let the party begin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I am not one for “hairy armpits photos”, but they do seem to have a lot of fans, as you seem guys posing with their arms raised all the time. Well, I think I can tolerate the photo to the left, because they guy is so damned sexy. God, imagine spending a long weekend with him  at a hotel. We might never leave the room. 😉

It’s been a good day for me. My strength is recovering and I got a lot done around the house. But I didn’t push myself too hard. I am not going to relapse and make myself overly weary, so I took it easy. I read and played my guitar, and now it’s 4:30. In about 90 minutes, my neighbor and I will host a 4th of July-style dinner–hot dogs, beaked beans, Cole slaw, potato salad and chocolate chip cookies. It should be fun.

Have a nice evening, friends. 🙂

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