Another sexy guy in black-and-white; quiet night in store for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Since I am featuring black-and-white photography today, I am putting up another favorite this evening, this one of Romanian fashion model, Cristian Chirca. Isn’t he sexy? What I’d give for one night with him …. 😉

I had an active day today. After visiting the wine/liquor market, I came home and used my new power sander on the floorboards of my back porch. I cleaned my car’s interior and trimmed shrubs that were encroaching on my private sidewalk. It was hot and humid out there, but I survived.

Now, it’s five PM and I just cracked open a cold beer. I have chicken thawed for my dinner, and a friend is coming over to share a bottle of French red wine with me in about an hour.

Have a nice Tuesday evening, friends. 🙂

Beautiful guys in black-and-white; quiet Tuesday in store for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I love quality black-and-white photography, especially the kind where the subject is a beautiful young man. I mean, who could resist the charms of our friend to the left here. He’s cute as hell and has a ripped torso I could lick for hours. And I’ll bet he’s a handful in the bedroom. I wonder if he’s a top or a bottom? And that BDSM belt he’s wearing could be used for some interesting activities. 😉

I went to bed early yesterday, after a rather full slate of activities. I read for about 30 minutes before drifting into dreamland, and I didn’t wake up until ten this morning, which is fine. I think I am still a bit weary from my illness I endure back in June and mid-July, so rest is good.

Now, have a look at the young man to the left here. He’s so pretty he’s almost androgynous. How’d you like to spend a long weekend with him at a beach hotel, dividing your time between your room and the hotel pool. He’d look good in a swimsuit, or wearing nothing at all. 😉

It’s a very quiet morning, here on the island. No tourists and few beach goers since the sky is overcast. I’m fine with it. I have to run to the wine market after I finish this post. This afternoon, I have a few household projects to take care of, and some balance exercises to perform. I have chicken strips thawing that I will prepare a tasty meal with, and a new Netflix DVD rental to watch this evening. An easy Tuesday for Martin ….

Have a great day, friends. 🙂