Shirtless and sexy; rainy and windy day on the island ….

Hi,  friends and readers:

I’ve said this more times than I should have, but some guys should almost never wear a shirt, except to church or a restaurant. I mean, look at this guy  to the left here. Why cover up that smooth skin and those rippling muscles. I could lick his abs all afternoon if he’d let me. 😉

I spent a quiet evening at home last night, watching a gay-themed Netflix DVD that wasn’t very good at all. How come so many movies aimed at gay audiences are so lousy?

Anyway, I slept in late this morning. I simply adore my new pillow I bought on Wednesday. It’s cushy but also somewhat firm, and provides excellent support for my neck and head. Lucky me …. 🙂

Now, have a look at Mr. Bandana to the left here. I know, he’s quite slender but I kind of like slender. And you know he’ll get hunkier with age. He’s another guy who should almost never wear a shirt, plus I like the way he wears his jeans so low we get a good look at his American Eagle boxer briefs. Yummy ….

I don’t have much planned for today, just some housework and cleaning my patio fountain out. I am having a friend over this evening for drinks and dinner, which will be nice.

Okay, everyone, I need to get busy, so I will close this post by wishing you all a pleasant Sunday. And to my brethren on Florida’s east coast, good luck with the storm and stay safe. 🙂

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