Slender and sexy; another steamy day on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I know most of you guys prefer men with muscle.  You like beefcake, and so do I. But my preference runs to slender young men like the guy to the left here. When I was his age, I was that skinny and I didn’t like it. I wanted more muscle on my frame. But from hindsight I can see that I looked pretty damned good when I was skinny. 🙂

Well, my ex-partner came over last night and I grilled us a steak for dinner. We spent a nice evening together and it was good to see him. Despite the differences that caused our breakup, I still care for him, and it seems we will visit my fishing camp this coming weekend. I look forward to it.

It’s a miserably hot and humid day, here on the island. I don’t even want to venture outdoors until the sun goes down. I will stay inside and get a little housework done, and then around 5 PM I’ll crack open a cold beer. I am beginning to think that next summer, I will rent a place in the mountains of North Carolina to escape this awful weather in Florida. I can’t believe people actually vacation here during the summer, but they do. Go figure ….

There isn’t much in store for my Monday night, just coking dinner and maybe having a drink with my neighbor/friend who has been a source of companionship during the pandemic.

Have a nice Monday, friends. 🙂

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