Ball caps at the beach, rainy Wednesday on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I love the look of a ball cap on a cute young man, especially when he’s at the beach and not wearing much else. I mean, have a look at our friend to the left here. Isn’t he sexy? If I encountered him at the beach, I’d spread out my beach towel and watch him for an hour or so. I wonder what his name is and where he lives? I’m guessing he’s Connor from Ormond Beach, FL. He attends community college, smokes weed, and has never experienced sexual intercourse. (I could fix that quickly.)

I rose quite early this morning, around six AM. I brewed coffee and scrambled some eggs for my breakfast. I read the newspaper and solved the L.A. Times crossword puzzle while I ran a load of laundry. Exciting, eh?

It has been raining all morning, here on the island, and that will continue all day, according to the weather forecast. No walk on the beach for Martin today. I will stay indoors and work on a few projects. I need to work out this afternoon, and make a few phone calls. I’m having dinner with one of my oldest friends tonight. We grew up in the same St. Petersburg neighborhood and have known each other since we were seven years old. It’s nice hanging put with someone I have known that long. We spent three weeks out west last summer and got along famously. 🙂

Have a  nice Wednesday, friends.

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