Are you a daddy lover? Martin’s back from the river ….

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s a fact that a substantial percentage of young gay men don’t like guys their own age. They like mature men who play a dominant role in  their relationship, and the daddies serve as sort of a spiritual guide for their sons. You see more of these intra-generational couples all the time, there are even websites devoted to these type couples.

I was in such a relationship for seven years. I was 37 years older than my young partner. He moved to Florida from out of state when he was 21, and things worked pretty well for many years.

Who wouldn’t like the pretty boy in the upper photo for a “son”? You can tell he’s devoted to his daddy by the submissive position he’s exhibiting for the photographer.

I rose early this morning and drove 80 miles northward to pull my boat onto my trailer and  then drive it to the Suzuki dealer for service. I had the help of a young man who is far more strong and agile than me, and everything went smoothly. I left the house at 9:15 AM and didn’t get home till 3:15 PM, but at least my mission was accomplished. I plan to sell the boat once it is fixed, as my days at the fishing camp are drawing to a close.

It’s 4:15 here now, and I am tired after all that driving and fooling with the boat. I am ready for beers and relaxation and maybe a Netflix streaming movie. I have leftovers for my dinner and good white wine to go with it, so I am set. Have a nice Monday evening, friends. And if you’re a daddy, don’t forget to tell your “son” how much you care for him. He’ll love you for it. 🙂

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