Sexy rent boys; another steamy day on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I used to spend my summers in Berlin, Germany, to escape the Florida heat and humidity. The Berlin summer weather is perfect–cool and sunny most days, with no humidity.

One of the great things about Berlin is the rent boys one can hire at a reasonable hourly rate. They are attractive, polite and eager to please, in hope you’ll hire them again and again.


Prostitution is legal in Germany, at least in Berlin, so it’s all on the up and up. You go online, choose the boy you like, and make a date online. The boy shows up at your place and maybe you drink a beer together before you get down to business. Ninety minutes later, he has showered and left. No muss, no fuss. What a great concept.

I got lucky certain summers and found a boy who became a regular for me. The boys always liked me because I treated them with respect, and I’d hire them fairly often. Most were sweet.

I don’t know why prostitution is still illegal in most states in the U.S., I guess it’s our Puritan heritage that makes people feel guilty about paying for sex, but I never felt ashamed. It’s like ordering pizza. đŸ˜‰

I woke up early this morning, and right away I knew I would not go back to sleep, so I got up and got busy–shave, take medications, make the bed, and brew coffee. I ate a quick breakfast and read the online news, and now it’s time to write new material for my novel-in-progress.

Have a nice Thursday, friends. đŸ™‚

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