A sexy selfie; it’s time for a beer ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Honestly, I think the photo to the left is one of the sexiest selfies I have ever seen. The guys is handsome, with nice skin and hair. And his lean and muscled physique makes me drool. God, it ought to be a crime to look that good. Don’t you know he gets all the dates he wants.  😉

Well, it has been a quiet afternoon here. I did some laundry, sprayed my patios and gravel out front for weeds. I watched part of a hockey playoff game. (The Lightning won.) And I practiced on my balance board. I put away clean dishes and loaded dirty ones into the dishwasher too.

Now it’s 4:30 PM and I have just opened a cold bottle of beer. I intend to make tonight a relaxed evening. I will likely watch a Netflix streaming movie after I dine of fresh grouper. Have a nice Saturday night, friends. 🙂

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