Hot guys on boats; easy Labor Day for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I live in a boating community and today being Labor Day here were tons of boats cruising by my house, loaded with party people.

What I have always noticed, in my many years as a boat owner, is how young men, once they are out on the water, tend to shed most if not all of their clothing, and it makes for interesting afternoons, while his strolls around the boat showing off all his smooth and rippling flesh for everyone else to see.

Its five PM right now, and I have had a true relaxing day with my house guest from Kansas City. We rose around ten AM to enjoy breakfast and coffee, and then around noon we drove to a takeout place specializing in Cuban sandwiches. We picked up two and took them to a park along with a cooler of sodas.

The park is right on a small bay and very shady and tropical. The sandwiches were delicious, and afterward we drove to downtown St. Pete to visit a wonderful western art museum that just opened two years ago.

When we got home, my guest showered and napped while I worked out for an hour with weights and did calisthenics. Now I am showered and we are ready for a relaxing evening. We’ll have a few drinks and dine on tasty leftovers from Saturday, and then who knows?

Have a nice Labor Day evening, friends. 🙂