Another beautiful and slender guy; Martin’s off to the city ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Ah, the beauty of slender young men who wander about shirtless. I could spend a long weekend at a beach hotel with the guy to the left, and when we were in our room, he wouldn’t wear much of anything. I’ll bet he’d love every minute of it. 😉

Well, I had to drive my boyfriend\house guest to the airport this afternoon and now he’s in the air. When I got home, the skies were cloudy and a breeze was blowing so I took a jog for the first time since May. It went well, and now I am about to jump in the shower. Since this is Thursday, at 4:30 PM I will drive into the city to spend the evening with my oldest and best friend. As always, we will drink a few beers and dine on tasty takeout. It’s always fun.

Have a nice Thursday evening, everyone. 🙂

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