Another guy at a swimming pool; Martin’s going swimming next door ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Oh, could you imagine hosting the guy to the left here at your home for a swim in the pool. I might even suggest we skinny dip after dark. Think he’d take the plunge? He’s just my type–slender with a bit of muscle, and dark hair I’d love to rake my fingers through. Yummy …. 😉

I saw my new doctor this afternoon, and we was wonderful (Cute too.) I know I made the right choice, and I feel lucky to have him on my side.

In about thirty minutes I will go for a swim in my neighbors’ pool. They are out of town and allow me and other neighbors to use their pool while they are gone. So another neighbor and I will take cocktails over there and savor the warm water.

Have a nice Wednesday night, friends. 🙂

Hot guys and swimming pools; steamy morning on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Here in central Florida we love our swimming pools. Five months out of the year it is so stinking hot and humid here, so bad that you don’t even want to go outside until darkness falls. The one exception to that policy is visiting a swimming pool for a swim or a soak. I have a timeshare down the street where I can use the swimming pool anytime I want, I have a key card for the gate, and I try to use it frequently.

Sometimes when I visit the pool a handsome young man is lounging on the deck in a swimsuit, and it can prove to be a pleasurable outing, especially if we end up conversing. Most are tourist boys renting a unit at the timeshare, and most are friendly.

I’ve had a busy morning today, dealing with financial matters and also with the details involved in purchasing my new Nissan Murano. Everything is in place now, and I should take delivery of the car around Saturday.

It’s about 12:30 PM right now, and I have a three PM appointment today with my new primary care physician. He seems like a good guy, so I hope we’ll get along when we meet for the first time today. I have a few issues I need to discuss with him, and I am looking forward to that process, so I have a smooth transition from my previous doctor, who has closed his practice and gone to work for the VA.

Have a great Wednesday, friends. 🙂