Hot boys wearing towels; busy Friday for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

When I lived in a college dorm, and then in my fraternity house, the showers were down the hall. Every day, guys would cruise to the showers with their shaving kits, wearing nothing other than a towel wrapped around their waists. It was sexy as hell, and I always took full advantage of the sights.

I don’t much care for selfies, but I am sure glad our friend to the left here took this one. Yummy.

It’s lunchtime and I have already had a busy morning. I ran multiple errands–city hall for parking passes, wine market, supermarket and butcher shop. Now I am all stocked for the weekend and ready for a relaxing time with friends.

This afternoon, the Nissan dealer will deliver my new Murano to my house, and I am stoked. I haven’t bought a new car in 12 years, and I already know I am going to enjoy owning the Murano. It’s a really nice car with a leather interior, a 6-cylinder engine, and sleek lines. Lucky me …. 🙂

Speaking of lucky, imagine being the fortunate guy who dates the boy to the left here. Some might say he is too slender, but he is just my type. Double yummy …. 😉

I need to work out with weights and perform calisthenics this afternoon, and I need to water my house plants and porch plants. A friend is coming over this evening. He’ll sleep in my vacation rental next door, and then we’re doing a beach day with another friend tomorrow. I’m going to grill cheeseburgers for our lunch, and it should be a great day.

Have a nice Friday, everyone.

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