Cute guys flexing; quiet Sunday for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I like photos of cute guys flexing their muscles for the camera. They love to show off the results of their gym regimens, and why not? I mean, I could spend a weekend with Mr. Pink Tank Top, just worshiping his biceps.  😉

It has been an interesting day. A young man I met through a gay dating app asked if he could pay me a visit, and while I try to limit dating to a minimum, there was no way I could say no. He was here for about three hours, a very pleasant encounter.

Now, he has left and it’s about 4:30 PM. The weather outside is too damned hot to do anything in the great outdoors, so I will stay in the a/c and do some reading.  Or maybe I will watch a little football on TV. The TB Bucs are playing Denver in about 15 minutes, and I really enjoy watching Tom Brady. 😉

I have no plans for tonight, other than dining on leftovers and maybe watching more football. I’m feeling tired but thoroughly satisfied after my date, and I am not up for much activity. Have a nice Sunday evening, friends.  🙂