Beautiful W. F. Miller; rainy afternoon on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Back when he was in his early teens, William F. Miller was declared to be “the most beautiful boy in the world.” And I would not have argued against that declaration. The photo to the left is probably 4 or 5 years old, and now William is all grown up, as you can see in the lower photo, and what a handsome young man he is today. I wonder if he has a boyfriend? 😉

I slept in late again this morning, but I finally got up and jump-started my day. I had breakfast and solved the L.A. Times crossword puzzle.

Not long after I ate, I drove to my physical therapy appointment, then got my haircut before visiting the supermarket for a few things. Now it’s about 3:30 PM and I think I will take a one-mile jog if the rainstorms in the area hold off.

My sister is staying next door in my vacation rental, and I am hosting her for dinner tonight. I am preparing a recipe that was one of our mother’s favorites, and I know my sister will enjoy it.

Have a nice Tuesday, friends. And keep smiling, it’s important. 🙂