Sweaty boys are hot; quiet Saturday night in store for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Why is it some boys look their sexiest when a sheen of sweat envelopes their bodies? I really don’t know, but  the two guys in today’s photo posts look terrific with their sweaty torsos. I mean, who is going to pass up the chance to lick the sweat off the boy to the left here? Not me, that’s for sure. 😉

I had a great evening with my best friend last night, drinking a few beers and dining on Greek takeout. Our firewood was delivered and it is good quality. It will burn easily, unlike the load we bought last year. I brought 25% of the face cord to my house, my buddy kept the rest. I will have some excellent blazes in my fire pit this winter. I just emptied the wood out of my car, stacked it, and covered it with a tarp to keep it dry.

Um, have a look at the boy in the lower photo. Does he look amazing or what? I wonder what got him so sweaty? Maybe a sex session with another guy in the locker room?

I slept really late today, I am not sure why. But I finally got up and watched the Florida Gators beat South Carolina at Florida Field. The Gators are now 2-0 in SEC play, and they are looking great, plus their quarterback, Kyle Trask, is kinda sexy.  I’d like to watch him sweat. 😉

I don’t have anything planned for my Saturday night, just watching more football and dining on tasty leftovers. I have a nice bottle of Napa Valley Sauvignon blanc in the fridge too. So, I will have a fine evening.

Have a good Saturday, everyone.  🙂