Hot boys on the beach ….

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s late afternoon, and I just returned from a 45-minute walk on the beach. It was breezy but pleasant, and plenty of college boys were down there, so I had lots to look at while I strolled the shore.

Now, I don’t know about you, but to me the young man in the upper photo is close to perfection–great hair and skin and just the right amount of muscle on his slender frame. Yummy …. 😉

After my date fell through yesterday I spent the evening by myself, watching a Rays baseball game and enjoying a tasty salmon dinner. I was fine with it, and I went to bed pretty early.

It’s about 4:30 PM here, and in about 45 minutes I will drive into the city to spend the evening with my oldest and best friend. We’ll drink a few beers and dine on tasty takeout. It’s a weekly ritual I look forward to. Normally, it’s on Thursdays but circumstances caused me to shift to Saturday this week.

Have a look at the boy in the lower photo. Is he gorgeous or what? I could spend a week staying at the beach with him and watching him walk around in his swim trunks. 😉

Have a nice Saturday night, friends. 🙂

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