Hot guys at the beach; mob scene on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I live in a beach community on Florida’s Gulf Coast; the Gulf and a sugar sand beach are a two-minute walk from my house, and often the sights down there are stellar, especially on weekends. However, I never see any guys wearing a skimpy suit like the one on the guy in the upper photo. He has a perfect body for that suit. Why can’t more American guys wear that style of suit? I guess because they are too damned  modest about their bodies. 🙁

I’m posting late today because I had an errand to run, and then I fielded a flurry of phone calls from friends and family.  I had household chores to perform–laundry, cleaning up my kitchen, and cleaning the upholstery on my living room easy chair. Now that’s all done but it’s already 4:30 PM. The hours have slipped away.

In just a bit I will likely share a drink with my neighbor. He has a nice waterfront home. And by the way, my island is mobbed with beachgoers today because the weather is close to perfect–temperature in the mid-80’s, sunny and breezy. I wouldn’t even venture a walk to the shore because of the crowds.

I have leftovers for my dinner tonight and a good bottle of white wine. At eight PM I will watch the Tampa Bay Rays and the Astros play for the AL pennant and a tri to the World Series. Go Rays!

Have a nice Saturday evening, friends. 🙂

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