Sexy Joshua Forsberg; windy day on the island ….

Hi,  friends and readers:

I’m a huge fan of surfer/skateboarder/fashion model Joshua Forsberg, whom you see to the left here. I admire his athleticism, but I admire his beauty even more. He’s a gorgeous guy who grew up in Florida but is now Southern California. Josh, if you ever need a date, I am available.  😉

I spent yesterday evening watching the Tampa Bay Rays win the AL pennant by defeating the Astros in a best-of-seven series played in San Diego, CA. It was great watching them win. I’m a native oft he Bay Area, and I am so proud of our team. 🙂

Here’s another photo of Josh I really like. Isn’t he a babe?

It’s a windy day, here on the island, and I am holed up inside, watching an NFL game and enjoying the a/c. It’s pretty warm outside today as well, and I am looking forward to cooler weather arriving here in another week or so. I’m sick of the heat.

I don’t have much planned for my Sunday, other than watching football and cooking dinner for myself. I have a nice bottle of white wine in the fridge and a chicken breast I will bake in a mushroom/sherry sauce. I’ll team those with rice steamed in chicken broth and green beans. Yummy ….

Have a nice Sunday, friends. 🙂