hot men in white briefs; easy Thursday for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

When I was in high school and college and required to take PE, all the guys in the locker room wore white briefs, brands like Sears, Jockey, Fruit of the Loom, etc. I didn’t find the briefs too appealing, but the white briefs men wear today are pretty damned sexy.

Of course, it helps if a guy has a pair of rounded ass cheeks like the guy in the upper photo owns. Who could resist giving them a squeeze during foreplay? Certainly not me.

I spent a quiet evening at home yesterday, enjoying a nice meal and a bottle of wine. I was in bed by eleven because I was tired after working on my painting project and working out here at home. My friend/neighbor came by around 9:30 to share a drink with me, which was nice, but I found it hard to keep my eyes open. Oh well, sleep is a good thing, right?

The guy in the lower photo is Ron Levi, and Israeli fashion model. He’s pretty yummy in those white briefs, eh?

I have an easy day ahead of me, just a run to the wine market, bank and supermarket. I’ll take a jog around four PM, and after I shower I will drive into the city to share a few hours with my best friend.

Have a nice Thursday, everyone.