Hot guys in skimpy briefs; tropical storm headed for central Florida ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Certain guys are meant to wear nothing but a pair of skimpy briefs when they’re at home, either alone or with their boyfriends. And if the guy to the left here lived with me, he’d never wear pants around the house. What a sexy guy …. 😉

I woke to the sound of wind and heavy rain outdoors, and when I turned on my desktop computer, I discovered a tropical storm is headed right for us. 🙁

I skipped my writing this morning so I could buy gasoline, wine and some canned food. No telling if we will lose power or have to shelter at home for a few days, so it was best to plan ahead.

By the way, do you find the guy to the left here as sexy as I do? He has beautiful hair and skin, and just the right amount of muscle on his slender frame. It looks like he took this selfie in a change room at a clothing store. Kind of kinky, eh?

After I ran my errands, I went to the keyboard and wrote fresh material for my novel-in-progress. The book’s coming along nicely, and I like my main character a lot. He is sensitive and starved for love, and his search for a life partner is fraught with pitfalls and tragedy.

Because of the storm, there is not much I can do outdoors. But I will perform my home workout and balance exercises, and I have some correspondence to take care of, so I will stay busy indoors.

Have a nice Wednesday, friends. 🙂