Sexy wrestlers; football in store for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

My nephew came to live with me and my partner when he was twelve. He was a good kid but lacked self-discipline. He had a temper too, and sometimes I had to correct his behavior with a belt.

Thankfully, by the time he reached high school, he had settled down. He joined his school’s wrestling team and it did him a lot of good.

I had never attended a wrestling match until then, but I never missed one of my nephew’s. He appreciated my presence, and I certainly appreciated some of the boys on his team, strutting around in their tight-fitting singlets. Yummy ….

Anyway, I find wrestlers incredibly sexy, so I am putting up a few of my favorite wrestler photos today, in honor of all boys who wrestle. It’s a tough sport that demands a lot of sacrifice. The boys eat a strict diet and they work out every day during season. You can see their dedication in the sleek bodies and toned muscles.

I slept in late again today, after spending a nice evening with my best friend. We dined on Mexican takeout and drank a few beers. Then I headed home, where I enjoyed a glass of wine on my back screened porch before climbing into bed with a book.

I don’t have much planned for my day, other than visiting the supermarket and watching football. My Florida Gators are playing Arkansas at seven PM and I will be glued to the TV for that one.

Have a nice Saturday, everyone. 🙂