Beautiful guys in black-and-white; blustery, blustery morning on the island ….

black-and-white-beauty-19Hi, friends and readers:

I love good quality black-and-white photos, and I especially like the two I am putting up here this morning. Check out the one to the left here. I love the way the light coming through the window is playing on the young man’s lean physique, and how it reflects off the wood flooring. Hell, I even like the cat on the window sill. Good stuff ….

It’s an overcast, chilly, and blustery morning, here on the island. We were planning on taking our houseguests boating this morning, but it’s too nasty for that, so we’ll postpone boating till tomorrow when things calm down.

I survived my colonoscopy yesterday, which really wasn’t too bad, and once I was able to eat I felt fine. Now I’m feeling 100%, and in just a little while I will climb into the Element and drive into the city to visit the YMCA for a workout and lap-swimming.

black-and-white-beauty-25Hey, the sun just came out, so maybe the weather will improve as the day wears on. That’s what I love about central Florida: the bad weather never lingers.

Do you find the photo to the left as intriguing as I do? I mean, the guy has a great body, but I wonder how he felt to be standing on a roadside naked while the photographer did his work?

This evening, we will grill kebabs over charcoal for our dinner, and then we’re going to see a movie at a brand new theater in town, the kind with reclining, over-sized chairs and cup holders for your beer. It should be a lot of fun.

All right, everyone, I need to get ready for the gym. Have a nice Friday, wherever you might be today.


In praise of rent boys; lousy night/morning for Martin ….

rent-boy-3Hi, friends and readers:

It’s 3:30 AM, here on the island. I have not eaten solid food since dinner on Tuesday night. Try surviving on Jello and beef or chicken broth, and then you’ll know how terrible it is. In addition I had to drink an entire gallon of some terrible liquid–one eight-ounce glass every 30 minutes–all day today. I don’t think there is anything left in my intestines but air. Oh, boy ….

Well, I’ll undergo my colonoscopy tomorrow morning, and then I can eat whatever I want to. In the meantime, I’ll dream of rent boys ….

Yeah, I said rent boys, like the ones in the photos I have posted here. They aren’t too sophisticated, and sometimes they smell a bit stinky. But what do you want for fifty bucks? (We’re talking Central European prices here.) Half of them are straight, but they will handle penetration without complaining.

porkedOh, this guy to the left reminds me of my favorite rent boy in Berlin. He was from Poland and I cannot recall his name. He was a big, blond boy who never whined about anal sex. (Maybe I need to spend a summer in Berlin again.)

So, I’m a bit light-headed right now, but still in control of my mental faculties. I will pay a few more visits to the toilet before hitting the bed. And in the interim I’ll say thanks to all of you who visit this site on a regular basis. When I see how many people visit here every day, I’m reminded that my writing means something to somebody.

Have a great Thursday, friends.

One super-handsome guy, and memories from my youth ….

handsome-8Hi, friends and readers:

The first time I saw the two photos I have posted here today, my heart leapt into my throat. The reason? Let me explain ….

When I was thirteen and going on fourteen, my mom, my sister and I lived in a cool house right on the beach, here in west central Florida. I was a horny young devil and I already knew I liked boys instead of girls.

My sister, who was a year older than me, began dating a boy named Dan; he was a high school senior, and absolutely beautiful. He looked exactly like the guy in these photos: blond, blue-eyed, slender with just a bit of muscle. Dan owned a Honda motorcycle, and sometimes he would take me for a ride on the cycle; we’d cruise the beach highway with my arms wrapped around Dan’s slender waist. I was in heaven.

A couple of times, Dan spent the night at our house; he shared my queen-size bed with me, and it was all I could do to not cop a few feels after he fell asleep. Instead, I just lay there and listened to him breathe. God, that was a long time ago ….

handsome-2I wrote a story about me and Dan titled A Beautiful Motorcycle. It’s included in my short fiction anthology titled I’m Bi Myself. The story is not entirely factual, I’m afraid, but it describes my teenage desire for Dan quite accurately. If you want to read it, you can purchase a copy of the book by clicking on the cover of I’m Bi Myself in the sidebar to the right on this page.

Dan, where are you now?

Today will be an unpleasant one for me, I’m afraid. Tomorrow morning I must undergo a medical procedure called a “colonoscopy”. That means the doctor will stick a scope on a metal snake up my rear-end, while I am sedated. In preparation for this lovely procedure, I am not allowed to eat any solid foods today, only clear liquids and coffee. Great, eh? Then around five PM I have to start drinking this awful stuff to “cleanse” my lower intestine. That means I’ll be sitting on the porcelain throne a lot this evening. Oh, boy ….

I’ll get through today, but it won’t be pleasant, especially since I have to keep walking past all the Christmas cookies we baked last night. 🙁

Guys with kissable lips; damp and foggy night on the island ….

lips-2Hi, friends and readers:

Have a look at the guy to the left here. Notice how his lip color matches his shirt. And see how pillow-like his lips are. They almost scream to be kissed, plus I can only imagine some other things he could do with them. 😉

Well, my boyfriend and I tended to Christmas matters today, now that he’s done with school for the semester. While he shopped, I wrapped gifts. I hit the wine market and the supermarket, and after my boyfriend came home we created our 2016 Christmas card at at Walgreen’s photo department, a piece of cake.

lipsTonight we will bake Christmas cookies to give our neighbors, something we do every year. So we also had to find some cookie tins to put the cookies in, and we found those at a Dollar Tree store of all places. Baking cookies is a very precise art that requires patience. If you leave out an ingredient or overcook them they don’t come out right. But since we use the same three recipes every year, we’ve pretty much got the science down.

I took a three-mile run around four PM, which felt great. Outside it’s very damp and there will be fog tonight for certain. We’ve got the a/c to keep things dry and cool while we bake, and since we won’y have time to cook dinner tonight, we’ll order a pizza and salad from a place down the street. I always enjoy this evening every Christmas season because to me traditions are what Christmas is all about. Have a nice Tuesday night, friends.

Boys sleeping together; blustery morning on the island ….

sleeping-together-3Hi, friends and readers:

I think it’s really cute when two straight boys ending up snuggling when they both fall asleep in the same bed or bus bench. I mean, don’t the guys in today’s photo posts look happy together?

I woke up at 7:30 this morning, prepared to take a three-mile walk on the beach, but when I reached the shore the wind was blowing really hard out of the southwest and the air was humid and warm, lousy weather for beach-walking. So, I went back to the house and got busy on my novel-in progress.

sleeping-together-2Check out these guys to the left. Can you blame the guy in the t-shirt for snuggling with Mr. Shirtless?

Anyway, now it’s almost eleven AM and I am done with writing for the day, so I think I’ll take a three-mile walk on the street, rather than getting blown around on the shore. It won’t be as nice as my usual morning walks, but that’s okay. I want to get outdoors. It’s supposed to rain like hell this afternoon, so I’d best get out there now.

We put up our Christmas tree last night, and it looks so beautiful with all the twinkling lights and our ornament collection. Now all we need are presents to go under the tree, and I’m working on that. Have a nice Tuesday, friends.

A blast from the past: sexy Luke Halpin from the TV show “Flipper” ….

luke-halpin-4Hi, friends and readers:

In 1964, right after I turned thirteen, a television show called Flipper first aired. It was filmed in south Florida. The family in the show was a dad who was a park ranger and his two sons. No mom. The older son, named Sandy, was played by a young actor named Luke Halpin. (That’s him to the left.) He appeared shirtless in about 80% of his scenes, and the first time I saw him I was in love. I made sure never to miss an episode of Flipper. 

Could you blame me?

I understand that Luke Halpin is still alive, and he occasionally makes guest appearances at certain events. I wonder if Luke knows just how many gay boys’ hearts he stole, back in the days of Flipper? If you want to see more of Luke, do an image search via Google Chrome.

luke-halpin-3Well, my boyfriend has his last final exam of the semester this morning, so being the good boyfriend I am I rose at 7:30 AM to cook him a ham and cheese omelet (His favorite breakfast.) before he left for the exam. I’m sure he’ll do well on the exam; he always does. 🙂

I have a busy day ahead of me. I’ll spend my morning editing my novel-in-progress. After lunch, I’ll meet my boyfriend to have our Christmas card photo taken, and then I’ll visit the YMCA for a workout and lap-swimming. After the “Y” I’ll hit the supermarket, not only for the usual groceries we need, but also to buy the ingredients for making Christmas cookies we will bake for our neighbors tomorrow. It’s a tradition we’ve done for several years now, and it’s always fun.

Have a nice Monday, everyone.

“Daddy Gets Home”, a sexy little intra-generational love story ….

dad-in-chargeHi, friends and readers:

The photo to the left is one of a series of stills from a porn film I have not seen, nor do I know its title. But I’d sure like to see it, as I find the young man incredibly sexy.

I see more and more intra-generational relationships in the gay community these days. There are several websites catering to young men who like older guys, and older guys who crave younger men. So I suspect a lot of this is going on, and why not?

If you want to see more photos from this file, you can see them here:

By the way, the photo set is strictly for adults who aren’t offended by male nudity.

I’m just back from my two-mile run, which was great because the weather right now is so beautiful: sunny, dry, and just a little cool.After I shower, I’m going to spend a relaxing evening at home while my boyfriend studies for his exam.

Have a nice Sunday night, friends.

Beautiful guys with long hair; lazy Sunday in store for Martin ….

long-hair-6Hi, friends and readers:

You don’t see too many guys walking around with long hair these days, but when I was in college and law school a lot of guys wore their hair long, including me. My hair grew past my shoulders. I liked the way it looked (And so did certain other people. 🙂 ) but it was a pain in the ass to take care of. I finally had it all cut off when I had to interview with law firms for a job after graduation, and I never grew it long again. I guess I could grow it long again if I wan ted to, but I think long hair is for young men, not old guys like me.

long-hair-4We attended a birthday party at a craft beer bar in downtown St. Petersburg yesterday afternoon, where we watched my Florida Gators get demolished by Alabama. 🙁 Then we came home to watch a lighted boat parade go past our house. Once the parade was over, we ate dinner while watching Wisconsin (my boyfriend’s alma mater) play Penn State in football. I fell asleep half-way through the game, and at some point made my way to bed.

We didn’t get out of bed this morning until almost eleven AM, so I guess I needed some rest. Now it’s almost one PM and I have done nothing other than read the Sunday newspaper from cover to cover. I don’t have much planned this afternoon, other than ding some yard work and taking a two-mile run, here on the island. My boyfriend has his last final exam tomorrow, and then he’s a free man till January.

Have a nice Sunday, everyone.

Boys with beautiful butts; busy day ahead for Martin ….

butt-11Hi, friends and readers:

If you follow this site, then you know I’m a dedicated lover of young men’s rear-ends. There is nothing more sensual than a pair of smooth, firm, and rounded cheeks. How could you resist squeezing Mr. Tree Hugger’s buns to the left here? Well, you couldn’t … 😉 I wonder what’s on his mind?

Well, we attended the law firm’s Christmas party last night, which was not only nice, but really fun. People were super-friendly, the food and wine was great, and the atmosphere was pleasant. All in all a good evening.

I have a busy day ahead of me. After taking care of things around the house this morning, I need to do some Christmas shopping. Yeah, Christmas shopping ….

butt-14Um-m-m, here’s another young man hanging out in nature with his rear-end exposed. It work’s for me. I’d chase him through the woods all day long.

So, back to Christmas shopping. I absolutely detest shopping malls, but that is where I have to go this afternoon, to buy a few gifts I don’t want to buy online. The traffic will be terrible and the lines at the check-out stations will be long, but that’s part of Christmas, right?

Outside, the sun is shining and a breeze is stirring the fronds on our coconut palms. The temperature is 75 degrees. I think I’ll take a walk on the beach before we share lunch, and then I’ll hop into the Element and get down to business.

All right, all you butt-lovers, I hope you enjoyed the photos I posted here. I’ll put up two more later today, when my shopping adventures conclude. Have a nice Saturday, everyone.


One slutty Boy Scout and the art of Pierre Joubert ….

boy-scoutHi, friends and readers:

I was never a Boy Scout. I grew up in a single parent home and my mom couldn’t afford to buy the uniforms. But I had friends who were Scouts and I understand the camp-outs could often be rather slutty affairs. The Scout to the left here seems to be enjoying himself immensely, doesn’t he?

I had one of my “Midnight Disease” nights last night, where I went to bed at ten PM, only to wake up at one AM, feeling like I’d just drunk three cups of coffee. I was up until 3:30 AM before I finally got back to sleep, and then I slept until ten AM. Bad sleep schedule.

boy-scout-2Okay, the drawing to the left is one created by a French artist named Pierre Joubert, who it seems worshiped the beauty of young males. If you Google his name you’ll find plenty of his artwork displayed at a few different sites. He seemed to have a thing for scouts in uniform …. 😉

It’s a little past 11:30 AM now, and I have read the newspaper and completed the L. A. Times crossword puzzle with my boyfriend, and that’s about it. Some morning, eh? Well, that’s the price I pay for the Midnight Disease. I understand many writers are afflicted with this problem. I’ll survive.

pierre-joubert-forest-fireHere’s another Joubert piece titled Forest Fire. I wonder if Joubert used actual models when he drew his works?

Well, I will salvage today by visiting the YMCA with my boyfriend for a workout and lap-swimming. After the “Y” we will visit Home Depot to purchase a Christmas tree. Then tonight we’ll attend a Christmas party thrown by the law firm my boyfriend will work for after he graduates. It should be a fun gathering, to be honest. I’m looking forward to it.

All right, everyone. Despite my morning lethargy, I am ready to get busy with things around the house, so I will close this post by wishing all of you a wonderful Friday, wherever you might be. We listened to Christmas music last night and it kind of got me in the holiday spirit. Ho-ho-ho.