Lover boys at the beach; easy Thursday in store for Martin ….

beach-boy2Hi, friends and readers:

If you follow this site then you know I live in a beach community; it’s a small island west of St. Petersburg, FL, and I walk the beach most every day. As times change, I see more and more gay couples showing affection to each other along the shore, and I think it’s a refreshing development. If straight couples can kiss at the shore, why should gay couples refrain from doing so?

Anyway, I thought this morning I would put up two of my favorite “lover boys at the beach” photos for your viewing pleasure. Do you like them as much as I do?

I stayed up late last night, watching the Donald/Hilary debate and the commentaries broadcast afterward, so I ended up sleeping until 8:30 this morning, too late for my usual walk on the beach. I wonder if the guys in the upper photo were down there? If so, it’s my loss. 🙁

lover-boys-17My morning hasn’t amounted to much. I read the newspaper from cover to cover, and then I did the L.A. Times crossword puzzle. I did a little housework, and now it’s well past 11:00 AM. Okay, call me a slug, but I don’t have a job, so I can do as I please. 🙂

Oh, the guys in the photo to the left are named Timmy and Raven. Aren’t they cute? The photo was taken several years ago; they told me I could post it on this site. I wonder if they are still a couple today?

I’ll actually have a busy afternoon. I meet with the termite extermination guy this after noon at one, to walk our property and be sure it is ready for the tenting process on Monday. I have yard work to do, and I need to wash my car. I also have a few errands to run. So there goes my afternoon.

Have an nice Thursday, everyone.

Beautiful Tom Daley; beautiful day on the island ….

tom-daleyHi, friends and readers:

I think British Olympic diver Tom Daley is one of the world’s most beautiful men, form the crown of his head, down to his toes. What a lucky guy his boyfriend Lance is. I have great respect for Tom, not just because he won a bronze medal in Rio this summer, but because he had the courage to come out to the world, about eighteen months ago. It took a lot of guts for him to do that. Way to go, Tom, you set a great example for us all …. 🙂

I was up at 7:30 this morning, taking my usual three-mile walk on the beach. The weather was cool and sunny, the Gulf of Mexico calm. A flock of brown pelicans was feasting on a pod of baitfish as I passed them. What a great way to start the day.

tom-daley-2Here’s another photo of Tom, taken in Rio just after he won his medal. What a babe he is, and he’s such a nice guy too …. 🙂

I spent 2-1/2 hours writing fresh material for my novel-in-progress, which is now at 48,000 words, and nowhere near first-draft completion. I’m really enjoying the characters and the way their story is unfolding, although I have no idea how the story will end. Does that sound strange? Well, it’s how I write, and it has always worked for me.

Today will be a typical Wednesday for me. Right after lunch, I will drive into the city to visit the YMCA for a workout with weights, and then lap-swimming. (I wonder if Tom Daley will be in the pool? Fat chance …) On the way home I will visit our island seafood market to buy fresh shrimp for tonight’s dinner. It’ll be a tasty meal for sure. I’m not sure what’s in store for tonight, but I certainly want to watch the final Presidential debate between Psycho Donald and Hillary Clinton.

Have a nice Wednesday, friends.

Boys doing “corner time”; beautiful evening on the island ….

spankedHi friends and readers:

In keeping with today’s “spanking” theme on this site, I’m posting two photos of boys doing their post-spanking “corner time”. The function of corner time is two-fold: (1) It’s terribly humiliating; and (2) it gives a boy time to reflect on his bad behavior and how he might avoid repeating his mistakes in the future. I understand most men assign a minimum corner time of a half-hour, while others require a full hour. The poor lad to the left here doesn’t look like he’s enjoying himself at all, does he? Well, maybe he’s learned his lesson ….

After getting a slow start this morning, my afternoon was busy as hell. I ran errands all over town, and I accomplished everything I set out to do, including inspection of a used boat I am considering buying to replace our that was destroyed by a recent tropical storm. It was the boat we used to access our fishing camp, and we can’t get back up there until we get a new boat.

spanking-corner-timeWell, here’s another miscreant lad doing his corner time, in this instance it appears he’s doing so at school, and especially embarrassing place to be on display. I believe this photo is a still from a video by Sting Productions, a company specializing in corporal punishment videos. What an amazingly beefy butt on the lad, and it looks like it’s afire. Too bad for him, eh?

After I ran all my errands, I took a very pleasant two-mile run, here on the island, right around 4:30 PM. The humidity was lower than normal and a nice breeze was blowing. It made my run almost effortless. My stamina is definitely building back up, and soon I’ll be running three miles, which has been my goal all along.

My boyfriend has to study for a while this evening, while I cook dinner, and then afterward we may visit out timeshare down the street for a swim in the pool. It’s a beautiful evening, here on the island, so why not enjoy a moonlit dip?

Have a nice Tuesday night, friends.

Boys getting spanked, it’s a timeless theme ….

spanking-ready-3Hi, friends and readers:

It’s a fact that boys and/or young men will often stray beyond the boundaries set for them by the men in their lives, and when that happens a discipline session is sometimes in order.  Nothing, it seems, will alter a young man’s behavior more effectively than a dose of bare-bottom discipline. The device employed doesn’t matter, really: cane, switch, belt, paddle, hair brush, or even a bare hand properly applied to a young man’s rear end will do the trick. And a little corner time afterward, with his pants still at his ankles, is also beneficial.

spanking-corner-time-2There are, of course, dozens of tumblrs and websites devoted to the art of spanking, and if you find that sort of thing arousing, you can locate them rather easily. I’m posting a few photos from such sites today, for the entertainment of those readers who find the art of spanking arousing. Hope you enjoy them, guys, and if you’d like to watch video clips of a very sexy young man getting a bare-bottom, OTK spanking from his dad, here’s a link:

Ouch! Oh well, he shouldn’t have skipped school, right? 😉

I had a restless night last night, so I ended up sleeping in late today, which meant I didn’t get my usual three-mile beach walk accomplished this morning. 🙁  Instead I read the newspaper and made necessary phone calls. I paid bills and answered correspondence. Now it’s almost lunch time.

I have much to do this afternoon: haircut, boat inspection, bank, florist shop, and gathering empty cardboard boxes for a weekend project we have coming up. I’ll also take a two-mile run around 4:30 this afternoon, for my daily exercise.

I’d best get busy, friends, so I will close this post by wishing all of you a wonderful Tuesday, wherever you might be.

More Dylan Dauzat (for the last time); quiet night on the island ….

dylan-dauzat-5Hi, friends and readers:

Even though I can’t see much to admire in Dylan Dauzat, other than the way he looks, I guess good looks do count for some-thing.  So I’m putting up two more photos of Dylan tonight, and that’ll be the end of it. (He does look good with his shirt off, doesn’t he?) 😉

Okay, it’s been a busy day, but a good one all around. My workout and lap-swimming session at the YMCA was a really good one. I got my own lap lane in the pool, and my favorite, uber-adorable lifeguard was in the chair, so I had something nice to look at as I swam.

dylan-dauzat-6My boyfriend and I hit the supermarket one the way home to stock the fridge, and then we bought fresh grouper at our island seafood market on the way home. If you’ve never eaten grouper, you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s the tastiest fish in the Gulf of Mexico, in my opinion. My boyfriend’s cooking tonight, and I’ll clean up the kitchen after we eat.

We have a Netflix rental we may watch tonight, after dinner, or the movie might get nudged out by Monday Night Football; we’ll see. Have a nice Monday night, friends.

Sexy Dylan Dauzat; busy Monday for Martin ….

dylan-dauzat-2Hi, friends and readers:

I never go on Instagram or Vines. Yeah, I use Facebook to stay in touch with friends, and I don’t watch YouTube videos. So, I never knew about the guy to the left, whose name is Dylan Dauzat, age eighteen. When I happened to post a photo of him last Thursday, I had no idea who he was. Then an anonymous person sent me links to Dylan’s Instagram and YouTube accounts. It seems Dylan fashions himself a “model, actor and singer”, but to me it seems all he does is take photos of himself to post online. Okay, he’s pretty damned cute, but it takes more than “cute” to make it in the entertainment world, and I suspect Dylan is little more than an Instagram pretty boy like Cameron Dallas, who no one will remember three years from now.

dylan-dauzat-3Here’s another photo of Dylan in his bed. (Or maybe someone else’s bed, who knows?). Damn, he is cute.

No, I didn’t post on this site over the weekend, and that’s because I was gone with my boyfriend for three days, to attend Homecoming Weekend at the University of Florida. We had a blast, and the Gators trounced their SEC football opponent, Missouri. We had fun tailgating before the game, and Friday night I took my great niece out for dinner. She’s a freshman up there, and it was good to see her.

We rented a nice apartment up there for two nights, and then we drove home Sunday afternoon. It was a wonderful time, and I enjoyed walking around campus a bit. We even visited my old fraternity house, where the brothers gave us free beer and made us feel welcome at their pre-game party.

dylan-dauzat-4I’ve been busy as hell this morning, first with my three-mile walk on the beach, followed by 2-1/2 hours of writing fresh material for my novel-in-progress. I made a few business calls, and after I  finish this post I need to pay some  bills that came in over the past several days.

In a little while I will share lunch with my boyfriend, and then we’ll ride into the city to visit the YMCA for a workout and lap-swimming. It’s nice having him home today, since he took a day off from his pro-bono work he has to do for law school. I’m not sure what’s in store for tonight, but I suspect Monday Night Football will be in the mix. 🙂

Have a nice Monday, everyone.

Beautiful and naked. Is he a Greek god?

greek-godHi, friends and readers:

When I came across this photo the other day, I knew I wanted to share it with you guys, so today is the day, and instead of shrinking it like I normally do, I left it full-size and centered the picture. He reminds me of Greek god sculptures I’ve seen in museums, or of Renaissance paintings of beautiful young men. Yummy ….

on-the-boat-5Speaking of beautiful young men…is the guy to the left here gorgeous or what? Imagien spending a weekend with him? Aye-yi-yi …

I was in bed last night around 11:00, where I spent a little time reading before my boyfriend called for lights-out. So I woke up this morning around seven. I lay in bed for a half-hour, until daylight arrived, and then I headed for the beach to take my usual three-mile walk. The walk was pleasant enough, but a phenomenon called “red tide” is plaguing the Gulf of Mexico right now. It kills all kinds of fish, and this morning I passed the carcasses of two small sharks on the beach, one a black tip and the other a hammerhead.

Now, uninformed folks might think a dead shark is a good thing, but it’s not. Sharks play an important part in the marine food chain, and they need to be protected. In fact, I have a specialty shark tag on my car that I pay extra for each year, and I’m a surfer. Okay, enough ecology lesson for today ….

Have a great Thursday, friends.

Hot guys playing video games, naked or nearly so ….

video-gameHi, friends and readers:

I don’t play X-box or Playstation; gaming is not my thing. I think it’s a complete waste of time. But I would gladly play Special Ops Nazi Zombies with Mr. Naked to the left here. Do a lot of guys game naked? Does anyone know?

I had a great workout and lap-swimming session at the YMCA, and then I hit Home Depot to buy some items we’re going to be needing in about two weeks when our house is getting tented for termites. It’s something we folks in Florida have to have done about every ten years when the little critters make their presence known.



Now, check out the bulge in the guy’s briefs to the left here. He posts a lot of photos of himself on the Internet, all of them sexy, but I have no idea who he is. He sure is cute, isn’t he?

Anyway, now I am home and ready for a relaxing evening with my boyfriend. He’ll of course have some studying to do tonight, so I will prepare dinner for us, and then maybe he’ll have time to watch a movie with me. I have a Netflix rental I’d really like to watch called Labor Day. It’s supposed to be pretty good. The next three nights we are going to be very busy, so it’ll be nice to relax here tonight.

All right, everyone, I will close this post by wishing all of you a very pleasant Wednesday evening. And if are a gamer, maybe you should try playing naked. It might be fun. 🙂

Guys getting naked, indoors and outdoors; easy Wednesday for Martin ….

naked-at-homeHi, friends and readers:

Young guys have a thing about getting naked when they’re home, or even when they’re out in nature, whenever they can get away with it. I have a fishing camp in a remote place reachable only by boat. The nearest neighbor is two miles away. I’ll take young guys up there sometimes and often the first thing they’ll do is ditch the clothing and open a cold beer. It can make for interesting times …. 😉

I was up at seven AM this morning, along with my boyfriend, who has to work today. I made coffee for him, and then I left to take a three-mile walk on the beach down the street from my house. A fairly stiff breeze was blowing down there, so I had to wear a long-sleeved t-shirt, the first time I have worn one since April. The tide was way up, which didn’t make fr the best walking conditions, but I did the entire walk and came home feeling great.

naked-in-natureAfter breakfast, I spent two hours writing fresh material for my novel-in-progress, and now it’s 11:30 AM. After I post this I’ll have just enough time to read the newspaper before lunch.

Oh, do you find the guy to the left as appealing as I do? I know, he’s a bit on the skinny side, but I kind of like that in certain guys. I wonder who the lucky person was who took the photo?

After lunch, I’ll travel into the city to visit the YMCA for my usual workout and lap-swimming session. I try to do this three times per week, on the days I don’t go for a run in the afternoon. It keeps me in good shape, plus it gets me out among people after I spent all morning writing in solitude.

I don’t know what’s in store for our evening, but hanging out at home and maybe watching a movie is fine with me. Have a great Wednesday, friends.

More beautiful men in black-and-white; breezy night on the island ….

black-and-white-beauty-3Hi, friends and readers:

know you guys enjoyed the black-and-white photos I posted this morning, so I decided to put up two more this evening, just because I am such a nice guy. Check out Mr. Wink-At-You t the left here. I’d let him wink at me all day … 😉

It’s been an uneventful day, here on the island. A technician was supposed to appear today to service our central a/c system, but he had to cancel around one PM, which gave me a free afternoon. So I paid bills and ran errands. I took a three-mile walk on the beach, which was pleasant. Then around 4:30 PM I took a two-mile run at an 8-minute-per-mile pace. Considering I only began running back in mid-May, I think I am doing pretty well. My goal is to get up to three miles, three times per week, which I think is quite doable. I have lost five pound since I started running, and I want to lose five more. Then I’ll look just like Mr. Wink-at-You. (Not ….)

black-and-white-beauty-26Now, check out Mr. Phone Booth to the left. What an amazing set of abdominal muscles. Why don’t mine look like that?

Its a breezy, cool, and overcast evening, here on the island, which is a nice change from the summer heat. My boyfriend just got home from school and I am getting ready to grab a shower as a prelude to my evening. I think we’ll spend a little time on our observation deck before my boyfriend cooks our dinner. I usually do the cooking around here, so it’s a nice change for me. While he cooks I will do some editing work on my novel-in-progress, which is now past 44,000 words. It’s a strange story but I like it immensely.

All right, everyone, I need to bathe my sweaty body before my boyfriend throws me out of the house, so I will close this post by wishing everyone a lovely Tuesday night.