surfing trip pretty good, visiting friends today …

Hi, friends and readers:

My surfing trip was somewhat successful. Waves were good Thursday, and okay Friday afternoon, but this morning the ocean was flat, so I did not get to surf today. (G-r-r-r …) It’s okay, I had a fine time, my first visit to Brevard County since I left for Berlin in May.

My buddy from Orlando came over yesterday. We drove to Sebastian Inlet, then visited a basketball court and played hoops for an hour. We had fun last night in the hotel room, trading jokes and swapping stories, and we stayed up far too late last night.

We drove to Orlando this morning. I’ll spend tonight here and return to the West Coast tomorrow.

It’s hot as hell here in Orlando this afternoon. The sun’s baking the streets and there is no breeze. I feel sorry for anyone who’s visiting a theme park here today. I’m staying inside and working on my gym rat story. It’s almost finished.

I’m posting a photo today that I really like. Although I did not take the picture, and it’s not from Brevard County, it gives you a good idea of what surfers in Cocoa Beach look like — shaggy hair, nice shoulders and arms, six-pack abs and a slim waist.

Now you see why I like Brevard County so much …

In my story, Sebastian Inlet, the main character, Tate, has an older cousin named Douglas, a Brevard County surfer. The guy whose photo I’ve posted here looks exactly how I envisioned Douglas when I wrote Sebastian Inlet  — handsome and a little rough around the edges.

Have a nice Saturday, everyone.

Surf flat, good day to sleep in …

Hi, friends and readers:

Well, I rose around seven this morning, as the sun came up, and the surf was flat. (Gr-r-r-r …) So, it seemed logical to return to bed and snooze for a couple more hours. Rest is good, right?

The wave forecast says the surf will not pick up until around two or three this afternoon, so I guess I’ll put the finishing touches on my gym rat story. My room’s quiet and cool and there’s even a writing desk where I can plug in my laptop. Perfect.

Does everyone like the photo I’ve posted here today? How come my hotel room doesn’t come equipped with him?

It’ll be terribly hot here in Brevard County today, but the weatherman says we may have some rain showers, which’ll cool things off.

I received several comments on the Zach Miller video and blog post. All were the same: “That guy is hot!.” Um-m-m, yeah guys, but don’t you think he’s a good skater, too?

Have a great Friday, all.

In praise of Zach Miller — one more skateboarder post …

Hi, friends and readers:

A few days ago I posted a link to a skateboarder video from Groms, maybe five years old, featuring young, up-and-coming Cali skaters. Among them was Zach Miller, a very handsome young man and a great skater. Zach’s eighteen now, and here’s a link to one of his interview/skating videos from You Tube. Have a look:

I think Zach’s pretty hot. Watch the video and let me know what you think, okay?

By the way … When I post a photo of a surfer, skater, BMXer, etc., I am not implying that the young man is gay. I don’t know anything about these guys’ personal lives, I only admire their physical beauty and their athletic prowess.

It sure is pretty here in Brevard County tonight. Think I’ll order Chiense takeout; it goes good with beer.

Again, enjoy your Thursday, all.

Beautiful Brevard County, beautiful surfers …

Hi, friends and readers:

I’m here in Brevard County now, at a hotel right next to Cocoa Beach Pier. I arrived around 3:30 P.M., walked down to the beach, and … yeah. Waves! I spent ninety minutes on the water and I caught about fifteen good rides, I had the place pretty much to myself. The air temperature’s pretty warm, but the water was about 84 degrees F.  I would say, real comfortable.

After my session I hit the motel pool to relax, then showered and rinsed my gear. I took a trip to the CVS on A-1-A for a few things. While driving back on Ocean Boulevard I passed a hot young surfer, about 17,  on his bicycle, his shortboard under his arm, his blond hair fluttering in the breeze. You see the most beautiful young men over here, all suntanned and fit and normally wearing nothing but boardshorts.

Tomorrow a friend from Orlando will join me here around one in the afternoon. I’ll do a sunrise surfing session tomorrow morning if there are waves, then do some writing till my friend arrives. We plan a trip to Sebastian Inlet, Florida’s premiere surfing break. (Not to surf, but to watch the best surfers in Florida perform.) It’s a beautiful spot. You can read about it in my short story, Sebastian Inlet. It appears in the Surfer Boys anthology published earlier this year by Cleis Press. Here’s the link:

Enjoy your Thursday night, everyone.

Surfing trip to cocoa beach …

Hi friends and readers:

I’m up early and getting packed for a three-day stay in Cocoa Beach, on Florida east coast, where I’ll do some surfing and savor all that Brevard County has to offer. I was born and raised on Florida’s Gulf Coast, a completely different atmosphere from the east coast, totally different people. Brevard County is less densely populated, more laid back, and more of a working class community. Folks there are friendly and unpretentious. I always enjoy myself when I visit there. So, this afternoon I’ll be bobbing on my board in the Atlantic, next to Cocoa Beach Pier.

I’ll be posting from Brevard County this evening. Have a great Thursday, all.

Naked skateboarder photo I had to post …

Hi, friends and readers:

A person who folllows this blog sent me the naked skater photo I have posted here today, and I just had to share it.

Okay, I know, the guy is probably not a real skater. Most skaters are skinny and don’t workout. They aren’t beefcakes like the guy in the photo.  Still, the guy’s pretty hot, so I guess I can overlook  the phony factor in the picture.

It’s so freakin’ hot here on Florida’s Gulf Coast today. At ten A.M., I’ll bet it’s already ninety degrees outside, and it will surely reach ninety-five by four P.M. (Yuck … I can’t wait for cool weather to arrive.)

I’m hitting the YMCA this afternoon, after my writing’s done for the day, then I’ll have dinner with a friend in town this evening — beer, salad and Papa John’s pizza. Single-guy food!

A reason to smile: According to my blog stats, yesterday I had the largest number of hits on this blog since it began. Pretty cool!

I got another nice comment today from a college kid in Austin, Texas, whose name is Thomas. He read my story, If You Only Knew, and really liked it. If You Only Knew appears in a STARbooks anthology called Cruising For Bad Boys. The main character in my story, Stewart, is a gay boy, a voyeur who likes having sex in public places. It’s pretty funny, and sexy, too. Here’s where you can buy the book:

Have a nice Wednesday, everyone.

Angry bmx rider, and a busy day for martin …

Hi, friends and readers:

I really like the photo I’ve posted here this evening. How about you? He seems like such a serious young man, but one with a wild streak in him.

I got another angry comment from a BMXer, telling me that if some “fudge-packing faggot” showed up at his track, he’d kick the queer boy’s ass.  Great. His comment brings to mind a quote from my story, Angel From Asuncion, that will appear in a Cleis Press anthology titled Best Gay Romance 2010. In the story, one character, Ariel, who’s from Paraguay, gets insulted by a U. S. university student who thinks all South Americans are subhumans. Ariel tells the main character, Jordy, “There are many narrow-minded people in this world, aren’t there?”

I got a lot done today: doctor, hot water heater repairman (I have hot water again!), exterminator, trips to bank, post office, supermarket, three-mile run, two hours in the chair, working on my gym rat story. And it’s only six P.M.  Amazing!

It’s thundering outside and I think we may have a rainstorm, which would be nice. It would cool things off.

I rented the Clint Eastwood movie, Gran Torino, to watch tonight. I hear it’s pretty humorous. I’ll let you know.

Have nice Tuesday evening, all.

Gay skaterboarder comments keep coming, and a trip to the doctor for martin …

Hi, friends and readers:

Sheesh. I received more comments from skaters and non-skaters, mostly same-old-same-old stuff:

“There are NO gay skaters.”

“There are LOTS of gay skaters.”

And, “Who gives a crap if a skater’s queer? What I want to know is, can he do a treflip?”

Also, a few people wrote in asking if David Loy, featured in my last post, is gay. Folks, how would I know? He lives in Cali, me in Florida, and we have never met. My guess is, the young man’s straight, but that’s just a guess. It’s none of my business anyway.

If you follow this blog, you know I spent my summer in Berlin. Four days a week I took a three-mile run through a forest called the Greunewald, a very pretty place. Unfortunately, the place had many hills, which I am not used to running on. (My island here in Florida is completely flat.) Anyway, I developed a sore knee toward summer’s end, that worsened every time I ran during late August in Berlin, and during September in Florida, so I went to my orthopaedist today. He took X-rays, said it was nothing serious, probably tendonitis from straining the knee on hills, but I have to get an MRI next week, to be sure I didn’t tear anything inside my knee.  What fun!

Have a nice Tuesday, all.

Monday, monday, can’t trust that day …

Hi, friends and readers:

Does anyone but me remember the lyrics in the heading of this post? (Here’s a hint: The Mommas and The Papas.)

So, it was a productive day for me. I’m close to finishing the first draft of my gym rat story, working title: Aaron Sickles And Me. It’s coming along nicely, but I see major changes happening to the story, once revisions begin. The two main characters, Andy and Aaron, are such different people, and there is much conflict between them, and I’ve yet to work out their developing relationship. I strive for realism in the erotic stories I write, can’t stand contrived crap. So, maybe I have to work a littler harder than certain other creators of male/male erotica. That’s okay.

A fan who watched the Groms video mentioned in last night’s post sent me an interesting You Tube video of David Loy, one of the boys in the Groms video. David’s now a young man, eighteen, I guess, and he’s become quite the star of the skateboarding scene. I’ve posted a photo of David here. (He wore braces on his teeth when he was younger and I guess he’s not into smiling.)

I watched the You Tube video of David, filmed in Tampa, near my home, at some sort of skating competition. David Loy’s an acrobatic skater. Look him up on You Tube and watch him perform. Amazing.

Plumber’s crack — a Monday morning photo for my readers …

Hi, friends and readers:

Yesterday my “on demand” hot water heater stopped working (G-r-r-r …) so this morning I had to phone the plumber who installed it, to request a service visit. The call brought to mind a photo someone sent me recently, one I have posted here. Now that’s my taste in “plumber’s crack.” Handsome, isn’t he?

My nose goes to the grindstone this morning. Time to complete the first draft of my gym rat story. I’ll be at the keyboard all morning, then visit the YMCA this afternoon for a good workout.

I received a few comments from readers who viewed the “Groms” skateboarder video mentioned in the previous post. Everyone seems to agree, it’s fun to watch.

I also received a request from a reader in Minnesota. He wants me to post some free fiction on this blog again. It’s been months since I have done so, and I guess maybe I should select a piece to post here again. I’ll give it some thought.

Have a fine Monday, all.