New story coming out in “Cruising” anthology

My short story, If You Only Knew, will appear in a new anthology titled Cruising For Bad Boys, published by the STARbooks firm. The release date is June 18, 2009. My story’s about a gay boy named Stewart who has a taste for spying on naked guys and masturbating in public places. During his freshman year of college, Stewart befriends a fraternity boy named Grady, who’s also into peeping and risky public sex, and the two undergraduates have some interesting campus adventures, all at the expense of their unwitting victims. Or are their victims unaware?  Do some guys enjoy being spied upon by other guys? Here’s a link to the STARbooks website where you can buy the anthology after June 18th:

You can also purchase the book on Amazon. I hope you’ll enjoy If You Only Knew. It’s one of the funniest stories I think I’ve ever written, and pretty sexy too.

Germany continues to amaze me …

Okay, this afternoon I took a train ride to the Baltic Sea, to visit a gay beach near Ruegen. The water was too cold to swim in, at least for me, but not for everybody. This guy’s name is Alex. He is from Bremen. He wasn’t the least bit shy about having his photo taken naked. Sorry it’s not a better picture, but I’m not too proficient with cameras. Still, I think it’s a nice photo, don’t you?

How come we don’t have more beaches like this in the USA? And why aren’t more guys like Alex populating them? Germans are not at all bashful about taking their clothes off in public, which I think is pretty cool. And, no: I will not give you Alex’s phone number. You’ll have to visit Germany and get it yourself. It’s a beautiful evening here tonight, around 55 degrees F and sunny, perfect for wearing a sweater and taking a walk on Berlin’s cobblestone sidewalks with someone special.

Ah-h-h, Germany … What a wonderful nation it is.

Hi, friends and readers:

Well, here is what summer on Germany’s north coast is all about: hot young men in Speedos, showing off their smooth physiques. He’s cute, isn’t he?

I’m settled into my flat in the Wilmersdorf district of the city. It’s very green and quiet here, with quick access by bus and subway to the busier parts of town. My apartment’s on the fourth floor of my building; it was constructed around 1915. I’ve got a balcony with a nice view. The apartment’s about 1000 square feet with twelve-foot ceilings and parquet flooring. There are plenty of windows so the rooms stay bright and cheerful all day.

People live more simply here. Most do not own automobiles, they use public transportation. You shop for groceries every other day and use a wheeled shopping cart to tote your purchases home. They’re very big on recycling here. Everything: glass, paper, plastic, metal, goes into separate recycling bins. You pay a deposit on beer bottles and return them when they are empty, for a refund.

Because folks do a lot of walking here, you don’t see many obese people. And children here are very independent. I see kids eight years old walking home from school alone and riding the bus by themselves, no problem.

I’ve joined a very nice gym, Elixia at Prager Platz, which is popular with younger gay men, so I have something nice to look at while I work out and swim laps in the 25-meter pool.  The place is immaculately clean and bright, and all the equipment is new and well-maintained.

As summer progresses I’ll post additional photos and comments about Berlin and its people. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

Martin’s living in Berlin this summer

Hi, friends and readers:

Just a short post to let you know that I will depart Florida on June first to spend three months in Berlin, Germany. The weather in Florida during summer is terribly hot and humid. I don’t even feel like going outdoors until six in the evening, and that’s not good for me, as I’m a nature loving, physically active kind of person.

The weather in Berlin during summer is much like Florida’s during March: highs around 75 degrees F, lows in the mid-50s. Most days are sunny. The city is very green and you don’t need a car. Public transportation is excellent. I’ve leased a nice, furnished apartment in the Wilmersdorf district with a fully-equipped kitchen, an office with Internet service, and even a guest bedroom so my overnight guests don’t have to sleep on the sofa. Perfect!

In case you’re wondering … the photo I’ve posted here was taken at my fishing camp in Florida. That’s me at left, my former German exchange student, Jens, at right. I’ll spend a lot of time with Jens this summer; he’s one of my best friends in the world, a total sweetie.

I’ll be online every day, so it will not be difficult to stay in touch with me via e-mail. I hope to have a productive summer, in terms of my writing. Berlin’s an inspiring place to live: great architecture, interesting people. The city has a huge gay population and homosexuality is fully accepted. The mayor is openly gay!

New short story is published in STARbooks’ “Sextime” anthology

Hi, friends and readers:

My short story, Dr. Fungo’s Amazing Time Machine, appears in a new anthology titled Sextime: Erotic Stories Of Time Travel, published by the STARbooks firm. My story takes place in the mid-1980s. Years before, at the age of twelve the main charac-ter, Andre Zaleski, developed a crush on a handsome teenage film star, a talented young man named Brandon DeWilde. (That’s DeWilde’s photo at left. He’s cute, isn’t he?)

Andre secretly longed to meet DeWilde in person, to make love with him, perhaps. But alas, DeWilde died in a motorcycle accident in 1972. Now Andre’s in his late twenties. He buys a gag gift for his friend Kit, who’s a Star Trek and science fiction freak. The gift is a “time machine” Andre found advertised in the rear pages of a comic book and bought via mail order. When the machine arrives Andre tries it out and… guess what? It works!

Can Andre use the machine to travel to 1972, to meet DeWilde, to warn him about the motorcycle accident, and perhaps win DeWilde’s love? I hope you’ll buy a copy of Sextime and I hope you’ll enjoy Dr. Fungo’s Amazing Time Machine. Here’s a link to the STARbooks website:

New short story in “Boy Crazy” anthology

My short story, A Beautiful Motorcycle, is included in a new anthology just published by Cleis Press titled Boy Crazy. My story is loosely based on an experience I had with my older sister’s boyfriend when I was fourteen.  You can buy the book from the Cleis Press website or from Amazon. I always encourage my readers to buy their books directly from the publishing house. It helps keep their doors open.

This anthology is edited by Richard Labonte’, one of the most respected editors in the field of gay erotica. I think you will enjoy most every story in the anthology, there are seventeen, and the contributors are some of the best in the m/m erotica genre. The stories are sexy and moving. They will take you back to the time when you first became intimate with another boy or man. Remember the sweat? Remember how your mouth grew sticky and your heart thumped?

A review site called Erotica Revealed has just issued a very favorable review of Boy Crazy and it gives a nice compliment to A Beautiful Motorcyle, describing my story as “lushly detailed.” Here’s a link to the review:

Here’s a link to the Cleis Press website where you can purchase the anthology:

I hope you enjoy A Beautiful Motorcycle.

Saints & Sinners Literary Festival – New Orleans

Hi, friends and readers:

I’m in New Orleans this weekend for three days of panel discussions and presentations on writing fiction for GLBT readers, including readers of male/male erotica. Writers from all over the U. S., Canada and Europe are here. I’m staying in a nice little French Quarter hotel on Toulouse Street, one block off Bourbon Street. I haven’t been to New Orleans since I was a college kid and I’d forgotten what a friendly and interesting city it is. I discovered a wonderful little bar called “The Corner Pocket” where cute boys in skimpy briefs perform on the bar and troll for cash, selling lap dances and feel-me-ups for dollar bills. What fun! The architecture, music and cuisine of New Orleans are great. I wish you could all join me tonight for a beer and some dollar-bill stuffing at “The Corner Pocket” .

New story published in “Surfer Boys” anthology

Hi, friends and readers:

My story titled Sebastian Inlet is included in an erotic gay anthology titled Surfer Boys , edited by Neil Plakcy and published by Cleis Press. My story takes place in Brevard County, Florida’s surfing capital, where I learned to surf as a teenager and where I still surf today. Sebastian Inlet involves two college-age surfers, Tate and Grover, and it gets pretty steamy. I enjoyed writing it because I love surfing and Brevard County is one of my favorite places in Florida. There are nineteen stories included in Surfer Boys, written by some very talented authors. Neil Plakcy’s a deft editor and a fine writer himself, so I think you”ll enjoy every one of the stories in Surfer Boys.

Here’s a link to the Cleis Press website where you can purchase the book:

New Story in “Spank Me Once” Anthology


Hello, friends and readers. I’ve got a new story coming out on April third, titled Serving Lisa. It’s one of four stories in an anthology titled Spank Me Once, published by Noble Romance Publishing. My story should appeal to both gay and straight readers who enjoy erotica. It’s the story of Lane, a college student who craves discipline from an older woman. When Lane responds to an Internet profile posted by a German couple, Lisa and Andreas, his life undergoes a major transformation.  The story’s pretty sexy, especially if you find S & M provacative. You can purchase the entire anthology or you can buy my story as a stand-alone piece.

Here’s a link to Noble Romance, where you can buy the anthology from the publisher as of April third:

I hope you enjoy Serving Lisa.

New story published in “Daddies” anthology

My story, Daddy Lover, appears in a Cleis Press anthology titled Daddies. My story’s a humorous piece and very sexy, I think. The main character, Bradley, age nineteen, is obsessed with finding an older man for a lover. Bradley’s a bit of an outsider, a loner. He’s divinity student at a university in Miami, Florida, he plans to become a Methodist preacher.

When Bradley meets a visiting professor from Duke — silver-haired Lance Beckett — he is smitten. Can he win Professor Beckett’s love?

Edited by Richard Labonte, this anthology features some great writers who have mastered the art of erotic story-telling.  I hope you’ll give it a read. Here’s where you can purchase it online from the publisher:

The book has already become one of Cleis Press’  bestsellers, which I think is pretty cool. I guess there are more daddy-lovers out there than I realized.